BREAKING: We’ve Been Xenophobes Ever Since Zena #Boston

So no one is in custody for the Boston bombings but all the headlines are designed to make you click so you can learn that nothing has happened yet but this report is interesting because of this:

" ‘The person who did this was someone’s friend, co-worker or neighbor," he said. "Somebody knows who did this." No one has claimed responsibility for the atrocity and "the range of suspects and motives remain wide open," ­DesLauriers said.’ "
This statement says they think it is probably a domestic terrorist.

We thought domestic from the start (or at least a domestic connection) but we are SUCH INCURABLE Islamophobes, xenophobes and racists (among other things) that all of the wealthy white liberals raised in lily-white neighborhoods and who went to lily-white schools are g’damn right because ALL this time we were secretly hoping for some bearded fuck sitting on a bitch’s back on a dirt floor to make an iPhone video and claim responsibility!

Now that it’s out in open can we finally get on to the important stuff like banning pressure cooker lids?

Do any of these media/blogo people who love to whip out RACIST when anyone dares to wonder out loud if maybe a foreign terrorist is responsible live in NY? If so, do they ever take the elevator 30 flights down and walk past their doormen to go take their hairless cats out for a walk and get some fresh air? Are they all on the moon? 911 was the largest attack on the continental U.S. EVER (and don’t bother mentioning the war of 1812). You don’t get to fly planes into buildings in the middle of the financial district AND into the Pentagon and we just sit around saying oh well, Timothy McVeigh’s bombing was pretty rough, we shouldn’t judge anyone, anywhere, EVER. WRONG.

And since media and blogs pretend to care about every little niche “oppressed” group but somehow never the real and actual oppression of women, here’s what the oppression of women in a society dominated by Islam looks like (Content Warning):

Anyone, no less any woman, who does not have a problem with the culture in Islamic states and who goes around calling people Islamophobes if they do have a problem with it should be ashamed of themselves.

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