Derrick Jensen on Identification  

This clip is brilliant in it’s own right and we agree with everything he is saying here but what’s wonderful about people like Derreck is when he talks about one thing it applies to so many things.

We can make a whole list of toxic mimics too, three of which are feminism, LGBT & liberalism being even remotely relevant to women or lesbians anymore (LGBT never was).
"Part of what we’re supposed to do is identify with our larger community but that only really works when things are mutual, when the rest of the community is serving you as well…"

"We’ve been taught to identify with this larger whole that isn’t us."

Beautifully put and absolutely true in regards to what he is addressing AND it also applies perfectly to how we feel about being Lesbians and women in relation to our community, and today’s feminism and liberalism.  

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