this kitten shrunk this macbook


this kitten shrunk this macbook

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May I present, the Minister for Women, our Prime Minister, winking as a 67 year old grandmother pensioner says she needs to work on a sex phone line to make ends meet while battling life-threatening illnesses. 

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ALWAYS look for red flags in ALL people and JUDGE

"Don’t judge suck a "lady dick". "Be happy someone wants to sit next to you after the mutual bowel movement that you both call sex".


ALWAYS look for red flags in ALL people and JUDGE. There’s a difference between being judgmental and judging. Are you equipped to asses a situation? If your’e not, get enough varied information and experience so you can. The push is that if you are uncomfortable with something, that YOU have to change yourself. No, you don’t have to change yourself if something makes you uncomfortable. You need to LISTEN to yourself.

And even still we would prefer to make a judgmental call than to not make one at all.

All this “don’t judge” crap NEGATIVELY affects WOMEN the most. Because equality is bullshit. Men can afford to judge less. Women cannot. Women need to get their powdered wigs and break out their gavels. 


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Going to School

Going to School



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If aliens come and kill us because they’ve decided we’re too evil to let live, we’re blaming Ron Howard

Can’t believe Ron Howard is this much of a dick. It’s shocking. We’re not surprised he’s a dick but THIS much of a dick?

This is obscene RT @WSJ Director Ron Howard lists his 32-acre estate with 6-bedroom house for $27.5 million:


And why does it only have 6 bedrooms when you clearly need a golf cart to get from one side of the house to the other? His house is a testament to what an ASSHOLE he is. Only imbeciles are impressed by that shit. When we see a vulgar display like that we think: “What a DICK.”

If we didn’t know that was his house and someone asked: “Who lives there?” We’d be like: “Don’t know, clearly it’s a gluttonous PIG.”

Then you have the people who are like: “It’s his money he can do whatever he wants. quack, quack.” Yeah, he can do whatever he wants to do and what he wants to do is show everyone that he’s a DICK.

He plays pretend and films pretend for a living. You’ve got to be kidding.

Castles didn’t used to be just a display of wealth, there were PEOPLE living in them. Now the upper classes have these enormous fortress abodes and like three people and their maids live there.

Then you get the people who love to act like: “Oh you’re jealous, you’re a hater.” Um, we’re not jealous of that ugly house. You are a retard and he is disgusting. If we pointed to a room from the outside and were like: “What color is that room, Ron?” he’d have no idea. That fucker has probably never even been in half the rooms in his house. He has this whole nice guy image and then you see his house and you’re like, who knew he was this much of a DICK?!!

Then you get the positivity gurus. Sickos who tell people about prosperity and how it’s your fault if you don’t have abundance and bla bla bla. They should be smothered with chloroform.

There are all of these structures and systems in place so that only certain people can attain that, and they bank on you being motivated and a greed-pig enough for that to be ok with you and that you’re just going to try and get there.

Money is not infinite. The monetary system IS limited.

It is a LIE that you just have to tap into your inner sense of “prosperity”. The few avenues open to gaining it like entertainment, most of them, their family are in entertainment and/or they have a connection. So those avenues are a LIE. Not open. This disgusting culture of greed that unless you can join the ranks of being super-pigs why bother to contribute? If I can’t be Jay-Z I might as well just sell drugs and go to jail. Well, you can become an electrician and have a family. Electricians in NYC make millions.

The conversations we should be having, like should the Ron Howards of the world be allowed to siphon hundreds of millions from a system that is NOT infinite are the conversations the public should be having but words like “communist” are used to silence these conversations. And it doesn’t have to be imposing something legally to cap how much they can siphon out of the system. Not necessarily. You can impose a lot of things culturally, if it became shameful to build or have a house like that there could be far fewer people doing so. And if it became shameful that once you became wealthy you used it in gross ways to promote dark personal politics like drugs and prostitution and all the vile shit they love to push, they would have to use it other ways.

Celebs pretend they are such amazing people, always showing us what nonsense bullshit they’re doing with some charity. But rich people are rich because they don’t pay for anything. They expect that treatment and they’re delusional and think they get it because they are better than others. They really get it because people think they will give them some. They may toss a few shekels here and there but they are greed-pigs and no one stays rich by being financially beneficent.

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